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What do you do to turn up and perform at your best right from the start of the day?

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All too often I have walked into businesses, particularly first thing in the morning or straight after lunch, only to see staff wasting valuable time. For whatever reason the workers were sluggish and quite lethargic, and I even heard a few employees say “Don’t talk to him until after he has his coffee”. This type of talk astounds me to think that grown adults can’t function properly until they have had their all too precious cup of coffee.

Take how many employees you have and multiply that number by 10-20. This is approximately how many minutes you have wasted each morning by not having your employees ready to fire right from the start.

I will share with you a few ways I get my guys to hit the ground running.

But first it has to start from the top. If you come in enthusiastic and ready to go, it is more likely your team will follow suit. You can even give them pointers on how you do it each and every day.

  1. For me it all starts the night before. I get things set up, so I don’t have to go looking for things the next morning. My gym clothes are ready, my work clothes are ready, my food is ready, everything is ready. Many people are looking for any excuse not to train first thing in the morning, so if they can’t find their shoes then it’s back to bed they go.

  2. As I am getting ready I put on either some music that gets me going, or some motivational YouTube clips so I can listen to it through my headphones. This gets me excited and ready to attack the day.

Like Zig Zigglar says “Motivation doesn’t last, but neither does bathing. That is why we do it everyday”

I start most of my days earlier than most, and that is not to say that is the best thing to do either. Some of our team members are night owls. They are working when I am sleeping, and vice versa, and we are really productive and we all have our strengths, but when we get to work we work.


Something we can do whether we start early or late, is when we are walking from the train station, or the car is to pop some headphones on, listen to some motivating music and walk with purpose. Standing tall and walking with purpose can completely change our mood, from not being energetic, to being ready to fire on all cylinders. It also helps if you daydream a little. Where do you want to be in x-years and how increasing your current performance, being more creative about your role or what other responsibilities can you take on that will get you to where you want to be?

When your mind can see the link, it will get fired up and ensure that you achieve it since its sole purpose is to keep you safe, not from physical harm but from emotional embarrassment of being stuck or aloof, which is like death to the mind.

Give this a try and let us know how it goes, and what your specific rituals are for SNAPPING into action for a fun filled day!

If you are interested in finding out more about routines and rituals to SNAP into action, simply click here


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