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Creating your team

Have you heard that no-one is self-made? This is true more than ever these days.

There is no need to be a jack of all trades, because if this is you then you will be a master or none. I understand it is good to have a finger on the pulse, but if you are doing everything yourself, you are really short changing yourself, and limiting your chances.

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As I was a fighter, I have had people tell me, “Surely you were in charge of yourself” while it is true fighting is an individual sport, it is far from an individual doing it all alone. When I would fight, I had 3 coaches and trainers, countless sparring partners, and my family at home, all of which I wouldn’t be able to get into the cage without. It is the very same with me here and now.

I may be the face of this video, but if you only knew how much work was getting done behind the scenes, by a large team of people, you would be blown away. The great thing about establishing the team the way we did, it was orchestrated really well. Just like how a top soccer manager would bring together a great team.


That is how I look at it. As a team it would be pointless to have 11 of the world's best goalkeepers. We need to get one or two keepers, who work well with the defenders. The defenders who work well with the mid field, and the midfielders that play well and communicate well with the defenders and attackers.

Yes we are all good mates and respect each other by the time we decided to explore this space, but that was simply one part of the requirement to be on this team.

If you are interested in how we brought our team together, and how you could build your own winning team, click here.


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