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Following the footpath - Part 2

Do you feel like you need to reinvent the wheel? Do you think that no one has ever come up with a solution to the problem you are trying to achieve, or that there is nothing like your idea out there?

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There have been many times in my life I thought I had a completely new idea, or that I had something that had never been done before, then I had a quick look around and discovered that whatever you want to achieve has been done by someone before you, or at least something similar to what you are aiming to achieve.

We don’t need to go right back to square one and try to overcome every obstacle like a new adventurer, where every step is potentially fatal. We simply need to reach out and talk to people or at least read up on people that have been there and done that. Learn from their mistakes and their wins while in the process we get to create a “cheat sheet” for us to save ourselves a lot of time and a lot of money.


I am lucky to be associated with the most successful Rugby League team in the NRL (National Rugby League) history, South Sydney Rabbitohs, and therefore I have the ability to call on a few favours to get in contact with coaches, trainers, staff and players and it may surprise you how close you could get to someone so that you can follow their lead.

If necessary I can study the top players in the league and find out their stats such as their weight, height, strength and speed. Then if I dig a little further I could find out what they do specifically for their training sessions, in the gym, on the field and anything else they may do. The deeper you go with any field the more tools you will have at your disposal, and with anything you find out, take Bruce Lee’s advice, “Take what works, and discard what doesn’t”.

You may not have all the experts around you like a NRL player might, and you may not have the funding that a player and team has, but you will have more freedom to try new things and zig while everyone else zags.

We have done this with Phenom Leap as well. We have looked at some big players in our field and seen what we like and also what we don’t like out there. As a team we have had many discussions about the direction we want to take, and the way we want to get there. This is something we are passionate about and it has made our dreams become a reality, and we are only just getting started.

If you would like to learn more about how we Followed the Footpath as individuals and as a business to get the ball rolling click here


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