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Possible Obstacles

Do you know what is holding you back from making it in what you want to achieve?

This can be many different things, maybe you don’t have the confidence to go all in, maybe you don’t feel you have the contacts, maybe you just don’t really think it is possible.

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There can be many things holding us back from reaching our goals, and you know what, it was the exact same thing for me. I was constantly second guessing myself. I would get on the path towards reaching a goal I may have set, then I would get into my head and start asking myself destructive questions such as “Who do you think you are”, or “Why should people listen to you?” and created many other self-sabotaging stories.

The funny thing is that this wasn’t just coming from me, but from people close to me. Knowing what I know now I understand. They may feel like I am leaving them behind, or that if I can do something like this then they feel more of a failure, or that they do genuinely cared for my well being albeit from their worldly perspectives and constraints, but no matter what the reason, I had to get out of my head and not listen to the negativities out there.

I had to listen to the people that truly believed in me, and there is a saying that I have heard before and I have used, both on myself and on my clients “Sometimes you have to have faith in other people's faith in you”.

This has helped me on many occasions. I know I am not alone in this either, as most people I have coached have come along with their own self-limiting beliefs, which when said often enough become self-fulfilling prophecies.

You may have obstacles like this negative self-talk, not knowing where to go with your ideas, or feeling like you don’t have the right people around you to achieve your lofty goals, or many others that you can choose from. How do you separate the nourishing and constructive from the decay and destructive inputs?

If you can relate to this, and would like to learn how I have got over this myself, click here.


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