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As a business, or as a project, how often do you take the time to sit back and have a look at how you are going in life?
More specifically how are you going in your finances, your health, your social life, your family and all other elements of your life?

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In businesses, particularly large businesses, it may be done once or twice a year and yet the information doesn’t get filtered down to the people on the ground floor. That would be like the coaches and staff of a football team having a meeting and not having the information get to the players actually playing the game.

In football and fighting we, as a team, would watch the game after every week. This would give us some great insights into how we played ourselves, how others played individually and how we played as a team. It gives great perspective on how we all performed, as the replay doesn’t lie. If you were lazy, it shows, if you were slow, it shows and if you had some great footwork, or threw a great cutout pass it shows.

As a player and/or fighter it was a great tool to use, but more so as a coach. As a coach we want problems, we need problems, but we also need solutions. For every problem that comes up we want to get 3 or 4 solutions, and the problems and solutions don’t come from the trainers, but they come from the players.

This way we open the lines of communication not just top to bottom, but more importantly bottom to top. We have the players tell us problems we had on the field, and as a coach I write them up. Then we brainstorm for solutions. This creates buy-in from the players.


If they don’t come up with problems, that is a scary place to be. They are either kidding themselves, or feel like they may get laughed at or ridiculed for saying something out of order. As no one has ever played a perfect game, but as a team we want to get as close to it as possible, and this is by making small improvements week in and week out. We had the call at both football and fighting to work the 1%ers. This is getting up off the ground in football, or keeping your hands up in fighting, following the play once it has gone past you and sliding as a team to not leave gaps.

Having this recap we can see if we are doing the 1%ers right, or any other part that needs improving then discuss what steps we need to take in order to improve every week. As a business or even in life we need to continually improve all elements in order to feel fulfilled.

Sometimes we need someone external to ask the right questions in order to achieve the right answers that will lead to the right results. If you are interested in how we do our recap at Phenom Leap Education click here.


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